bleu comme l'eau

Oh, that silence on the battlefront when I realized there was someone else in the shower room AFTER singing four ENTIRE Laura Marling songs out of key

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Depending on Tales of a GrassWidow to make my problems go away

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I heard something heavy (perhaps a body) fall over in my neighbor’s room in the same moment she liked my instagram photo…coincidence?

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trying to soothe the bad with the good (i.e., physics with lemon ginger tea)

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overheard someone “shit talking” about me, nice

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Rhododendron macrophyllum D. Don ex G. DonU.S.A., Oregon, Coos County: Iron Mountain, east slope along Rock Creek at Smith Claim. Elev. 3000 ft.Reproductive state: Flowers. Origin: Native.ID 47435, ID104177William H. Baker 4247May 30, 1947